Big Snow for the Lake Tonight?

Don’t tell anyone, but the Lake Louise Ski Area Avalanche Control office subscribes to a weather service that provides detailed daily forecasts specifically for this area, and based on what that forecast has been saying the last few days, it looks promising that tonight may see the arrival of a significant snowfall. One estimate predicts over 15mm of moisture. The rule of thumb at Lake Louise is that 1mm of water equals around 1.5cm of snow, so 15mm of moisture therefore points to over 20cm of snow!

Of course, with any forecast there’s unpredictability, and there are other publicly available sources that call for somewhat more modest snowfall amounts. But we in the ski industry have selective hearing, and ignore those ones in favour of the forecasts that call for big dumps.

Today, the snow really started falling at around 1:00pm, when it was coming down at a rate of 2cm per hour. With this afternoon’s total at 4cm and counting before day’s end, we’re already off to a good start!

Our fingers are officially crossed.


One Comment on “Big Snow for the Lake Tonight?”

  1. J says:

    Thanks for the heads up, great site.


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