Aerial Photos

As mentioned in the previous post, we took advantage of good light and the presence of a helicopter to go on a photo mission around the Lake Louise Ski Area, including a trip across the valley to get some shots of the ski area with the Chateau Lake Louise in the foreground. The hotel was in shadow, as it is most of the day this time of year, but parts of the ski hill were bathed in sunlight and made for some dramatic photos.

Here is a selection from the flight:


3 Comments on “Aerial Photos”

  1. Ivan says:

    Awesome pictures! I especially like next to last one.

  2. Dean Shwed says:

    The site is fantastic. This is really a great source of information. For the people that don’t know much of what goes on behind the scenes at a ski resort like Lake Louise it is eye opening to see what really happens to make their play ground safe. For the people that have participated at one time with working to make things happen, it is nice to be kept informed with what is going on and how things are changing.

    Truly appreciate the work. Thanks šŸ™‚


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