More Lifts and Terrain Open!

Thanks to a week of decent snowfall at Lake Louise, we’re happy to announce that as of today (Thursday), Top of the World chair and the Summit Platter have been added to the list of open lifts, with access to some front side runs only for the time being. From Top of the World, Home Run will lead to other open areas in the Grizzly Gully area, as well as a way to get to the Platter, which will have Outer Limits as the available run.

Outer Limits in particular is in great shape, thanks to the recent snowfall and the effectiveness of the permanent snow fence that runs for most of the length of the skier’s right side of the run. This run is a regular early season performer, and skiers can really put their legs to the test after a week of carving turns on groomed runs.

As exciting as this news is for skiers, please keep in mind that it is still early season, and until we get more snow and compaction, there are all sorts of buried ‘treasures’ hidden on the runs, and it is highly recommended that skiers be certain of snow depth and support on a particular run before hurtling down at full speed.

With more snow overnight, and with the help of wind transported snow, things will just keep on getting better, and the push to open more terrain and lifts will continue.



2 Comments on “More Lifts and Terrain Open!”

  1. Glenn Bonsall says:

    I need the 411 on the magic carpet..



    • lakelouiselowdown says:

      Hi Glenn,

      Snowmaking will start soon at the Carpet, and opening will depend on the success of that – rough estimate 1-2 weeks.


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