All of Whitehorn II Now Open!

As we all hoped, just after 10:00am this morning (Monday) the hard work of the avalanche control team paid off as the rest of Whitehorn II, from ‘D’ to ‘I’ Gully, opened for the first time this season. Conditions are great overall, with a few of the chokes still a  little “bony”. There’s plenty of deep soft snow to be found, especially below the chokes in the fans. With sunshine and good visibility, today’s another great day to be at the Lake!


2 Comments on “All of Whitehorn II Now Open!”

  1. Hi, i was just wondering on the status of Elevator shaft. Is it open? If yes, what are the conditions like in there, and would you recommend skiing it right now.


    • lakelouiselowdown says:


      Elevator Shaft has not yet opened. With avalanche control teams having just opened Whitehorn II, they’ve now turned their attention to that area. It’s also a big piece of terrain, so how soon it opens will depend on what they find and how effective their control work is. Look for updates here.


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