Another Big Day at the Lake

With over 25cm of snow in the last 24hrs, and with the clouds breaking, Sunday is shaping up to be another fantastic day of skiing. Poor visibility kept some of the crowds off the upper mountain on Saturday, meaning much of yesterday’s snow remains untouched, with the overnight snowfall covering everything.

Along with the snow, the wind was a major factor overnight. They started blowing in the 25-30km/h range in the evening, then around 10:00pm picked up to the 30-50km/h range with gusts hitting up to 100km/h. Long-time Lake Louise skiers know what this means – lots of snow blown into our leeward slopes, in places like Whitehorn I and Boomerang. There will some delays getting avalanche terrain open today, as those kinds of winds can create slab conditions that are more problematic to control, and take longer for crews to become comfortable with when considering opening terrain for the public.

Nevertheless, skiing will be great again today – enjoy!!


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