Another Snowy Weekend

Weekends certainly seem the time to be at Lake Louise so far this season, as almost every storm that’s hit this area has come late in the week, and this weekend will be no exception. With almost 10cm of new snow at our Pika weather plot and up to 15-20cm in some alpine areas (and still snowing!) weekend skiers and riders will again be treated to great conditions.

Avalanche crews have made some great progress in the last few weeks, as breaks in snowfall have allowed them to spend more time in terrain that has yet to open. This includes places like Brownshirt main gully, Boundary Bowl (aka Out of Bounds Bowl), Whitehorn II ‘B’ Gully, ER 3, ER 6, and Elevator Shaft. Recently opened was ER 7, all the way from Big 7 over to the ER7 gullies, and Kiddie’s Corner, allowing access from that side over to Lower ER 5.

As mentioned in previous posts, all of the snow received at Lake Louise in the new year has improved our black diamond terrain considerably. Avalanche control teams were unable to save most of our double black diamond runs, however, as they avalanched down to the November rain crust that has provided a sliding surface all season long. This is hard to stomach, knowing that a near-record January’s worth of snow has cleared off of a slope, but this is the only chance the runs have of opening. Crews can now go into these areas and attempt to break up the crust and other weak layers, so that any subsequent snowfalls have a chance of staying on the slope and we can finally open up some of our marquee steeps. Stay tuned…


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