Rock Skis

Just when you thought the avalanche control team gets all the best turns…

Avalanche control team shows off their edges.


4 Comments on “Rock Skis”

  1. Ransome says:

    I suppose that makes me feel a bit better 😀

  2. Finngirl says:

    Does this mean I shouldn’t be expecting Top of the World and Paradise to be open this weekend?

    • lakelouiselowdown says:

      There’s no connection between the bases of patrollers’ skis and the opening of Paradise and Top of the World chairs. In fact, the skis of ski patrollers take a beating every season, regardless of snowfall amounts. Avalanche control requires staff to enter areas long before they’re ready to open, so they have a chance to get at the weak layers that could be forming in the early-season snowpack. This almost always involves traveling over rocks.

      As for our upper mountain lifts (Paradise, Top of the World, and Summit), we’re hoping to get those open for this coming weekend. If we get the snow that’s forecasted to fall Thursday and Friday, it will make things better, but we’re still very much in early season conditions. This means that caution is strongly recommended when traveling off of groomed runs, since snow conditions can very and hidden hazards exist.

  3. Finngirl says:

    Thanks Chris – I was just teasing!! After 30 years of riding those hills – I will definitely be prepared for early season conditions – but I will be excited to check out what is open this weekend!!

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