New Hut at Paradise Chair

Below are a few photos of the almost-complete lift hut at the top of Paradise chair. After a few months of challenging work in a remote location, carpenters are about to wrap up for the season. The main pieces of the hut were brought to the site by snowcat last spring, shortly after Lake Louise closed for the season. When construction actually began in August, Paradise chair was used to get staff, tools, and other supplies into place.

Now gone from the site is the old lift shack, which was dismantled in a matter of hours and brought in pieces to the base, also by cat. Next to the old shack is the hut that houses our radio repeater equipment, which will remain in place for this winter. Next summer, all of that equipment will go to its new home in the new lift hut, and the old shack removed. A year or so from now, little if any sign will remain of the old huts. For now, skiers unloading Paradise chair (once it opens) will be treated to a better view.


New hut at the top of Paradise chair nears completion.

New hut at the top of Paradise chair nears completion.

In with the new, out with the old...




4 Comments on “New Hut at Paradise Chair”

  1. Ransome says:

    WOW! Its a log cabin! Can I live there?

  2. 小木 says:

    So it means there is no plan to upgrade the paradise chair to something like a high speed detachable in short or long future….

    • lakelouiselowdown says:


      The new hut isn’t necessarily an indicator of whether the Paradise chair will be upgraded. Theoretically, the hut could be moved to accommodate a larger unload station. The future of Paradise chair is tied more to the long range plan currently in development. The long range plan is a far-reaching document that addresses all potential development at the ski area, and once completed, must go through a lengthy approval process before any work can begin. Having said that, upgrading Paradise chair in the near future would probably not be a wise choice, since even on busier days the line-ups aren’t really that long, and the current chair can easily accommodate the present amount of skier traffic.


  3. grambo says:

    Paradise is fine as a triple, it’s not a long ride since it’s so direct, and the laps are great. Plus no wind issues!

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