Trans-Canada Highway Twinning Complete

Driving to work in Lake Louise this week from Banff, I wondered if the years of twinning construction on the Trans Canada Highway had actually ever happened. Now that the last orange pylon has been removed and most obvious signs of recent work covered by the season’s first big snowfall, it almost looks as though that’s the way it’s always been. In any case, the Trans Canada Highway to Lake Louise is now a glorious 4 lanes, and even on snow-covered roads the drive has become a lot less terrifying without the oncoming traffic (and their associated windshield-cracking boulders) to worry about.

I had a chance to fly over most of the new section of highway earlier this week in a helicopter to get some video footage of the completed work and a few of the larger wildlife crossing structures, and it was great to get a rare perspective on the project. While not obvious from a car, seeing the crossing structures from the air made it clear that they linked or continued what appeared to be obvious travel routes for animals – small valleys, clearings, etc.

No matter what your perspective, it’s clear that travelling to Lake Louise from points east just became a whole lot better.



4 Comments on “Trans-Canada Highway Twinning Complete”

  1. neal says:

    Great footage, always love knowing what’s going down at LL!

  2. Steve Medeiros says:

    Fantastic! That will totally help the drive out to the mountain. I know I speak for a lot of others that this information is fantastic and helps us plan a safe and fun time out the Lake.

  3. Judy Breese says:

    As a long-time Lake Louise skier (25+ years), this section of highway was never my favourite place to drive. It’s wonderful to finally have it twinned!

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