New Paradise Lift Hut

As mentioned in the last post, one of the pre-season projects happening now at Lake Louise is the construction of a new lift hut at the top of Paradise chair. This new building will replace the two smaller ones that are currently there – the lift operator and patrol hut, and the one housing the radio repeater. The hut will also be located a few metres down the line, providing a better view of the top portion of the lift. A panorama of large windows will give the operator a clear view of approaching chairs and of the entire unload ramp and egress area.

Split into two parts, the half of the building away from the lift will be where the Paradise patroller is stationed each day. Insulation and new heaters will do a good job of keeping that cold south-west wind at bay for those inside, and will also allow for better monitoring of the radio repeater equipment, which previously had its own heat supply separate from that of the operator hut. If the propane feeding the system ran out, the batteries running the radio equipment would quickly drain, especially on colder days. Anyone who’s worked at a ski area can tell you how important the radios are, and how alone you feel when they stop working.

Construction has proceeded well, especially with the nice weather we’ve been getting lately. Crews are currently attaching the tin roof, with the exterior siding and interior drywall set to begin after the long weekend. Once that’s done, it’ll be a quick job rerouting the lift controls into the new building, and the hut will be ready to begin its life at the top of the mountain.


August 21, 2010 (photo: Jay Meyers)



Sept. 2, 2010 - old buildings visible through gap in floor (photo: Jay Meyers)



Oct. 6, 2010 (photo: Jay Meyers)



One Comment on “New Paradise Lift Hut”

  1. Rick says:

    Nice to “find” you here again Chris!

    We walk out on top of the Bowmont Natural area in Calgary every evening, it’s impossible not to look into the front ranges, and our minds are wandering to winter. We are lucky enough to have two Mark Sharp pieces on our walls, both using LL and the view west as their setting, and both featuring skiing. We are starting to look at them a lot more than usual.

    It’s a grand thing to be excited about skiing; let’s hope the forecasts of normal precipitation (or better!) are true. I am ready to once again be awe-struck.

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