Powder Everywhere!

After the nice snowfall we received overnight at Lake Louise, it kept on coming, leaving a lot of people smiling at the end of the day. With drifts up to 20cm deep in some places, and 10-15cm everywhere else, today was a great day to see how those legs held up over the holidays. The forecasts are still calling for the snow to continue until tonight, so we may have even more by the time tomorrow rolls around.

Tickety Chutes



2 Comments on “Powder Everywhere!”

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Chris, yup some sweet skiing on Friday! Great news about Elevator. It has been several years since I have skied it and it would be nice to do it again. How are the Admiral Slides re-building? That is a line I like to combine with Elevator.
    Regards, Brian

    • lakelouiselowdown says:

      Hi Brian,

      Admiral’s is coming along. The debris from avalanches on slopes above had slid down and are helping to compact and stabilize the snow. Once the Shaft becomes skiable and all control work is done, that whole area will open.


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