Video – Helicopter Avalanche Control

As promised, here’s a video from the helicopter avalanche control that happened at Lake Louise on November 27. I found a nice perch at the top of Whitehorn II and filmed the action below as the crew dropped bombs in Whitehorn II, Brownshirt, Upper North Cornice, Boundary Bowl (OOB), and along Richardson’s Ridge. Most shots produced little to no result, with the exception of Whitehorn II, Upper North Cornice, and Boundary Bowl. Of the two explosions in the video, the second is the one visible at the top of the gully in a photo from the original post, just from a different point of view.



One Comment on “Video – Helicopter Avalanche Control”

  1. SwingnSway says:

    Nice job! Looks easy, but it takes a ton of hard work, coordination and experience. That’s why LL has the best snow safety in the biz.
    If you need some one to ride shot gun – I’m in and I don’t mind carrying a back pack full of TNT.

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