Paradise Chair Opens This Weekend

Great skiing conditions are in store for those venturing to Lake Louise this weekend, as some of our marquee alpine terrain stands poised to open. Starting off the list for Saturday will be Saddleback Bowl, followed closely by Paradise Bowl either late Saturday or early on Sunday. Skiers and riders craving some fresh powder turns will be delighted to discover that Saddleback Bowl has been left untracked, except for the usual traverse that crosses below Whitehorn I on its way to Rodney’s Ridge.

Paradise Bowl is in great early-season condition as well, and will open once patrol teams have completed all of the fencing and avalanche control work that is required. Skiers can cross the Corridor as far as Fenceline Gully to access the bowl – access beyond that, toward ER3, Crow Bowl, and East Bowl, is still closed. On the other side of Paradise chair, Cornice Bowl (aka Paradise Cornice) remains closed as well. That leaves all of Paradise Bowl for everyone to enjoy.


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