Summit Opens Thursday

After nervously watching the stampede of enthusiastic skiers and riders attack the terrain around Top of the World today, I was once again reminded that people will charge hard right out of the gate – early-season conditions or not! Lots of people were out enjoying the new snow, and as it starts to snow again in Lake Louise, we’re preparing to open the Summit platter tomorrow (Thursday), with access to Outer Limits.

Outer Limits, even before the recent storm, had grown a huge drift, and the new snow has added a nice soft layer on top. And as patrol and avalanche crews move to other areas, we’re continuing the expansion of open terrain with more runs and lifts to be announced shortly.

And yes, I know it’s still five days away, but more than one weather forecast is calling for significant snowfall to start late Saturday and continue to Monday. If that storm materializes, the avalanche control teams and ski patrol will have their work cut out for them, as kilometres of fence need to be set up, signage put in place, and avalanche control work performed in many places before more alpine terrain can open. Crews are already going at full tilt, and you can bet that’ll continue as conditions improve.


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