Snow Fences Gathering Snow

With higher clouds this morning it was easier than it’s been in days to see the upper mountain of Lake Louise from the base area, and even from that far away it’s easy to see that the snow fences in places like Flight Chutes and on the front side of Summit are starting to do their work. Large drifts are visible, and the Trail Crew has begun compacting the snow in these drifts as they travel around the mountain each day. Compacting the snow helps it stay in place and prevents it from blowing away. Compact snow also means a better base, which results in staff and eventually snow cats  being able to travel in these areas.

In the photos below, you can see the drifting that has occurred along the fence lines. Once the drifts reach their maximum height, the fences are untied, the steel is removed from the ground, and the fence gets re-tied on the next row of steel over, although in some places there’s only one line of steel, so those fences tend to stay in place longer.

28 OCT 2009-01

Fence lines run along the lift line and down Outer Limits.

28 OCT 2009-02

Drifting in Flight Chutes.


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