September Tease

Thanks to an intense squall that just blew through Lake Louise this morning, the top half of the mountain is now covered in a new blanket of snow, which makes it that much harder not to get excited about the approaching ski season!

Snow on our mountain can happen any time of year, as it did in August. Nobody ever expects snow from a summer storm to last into winter, but as we get closer and closer to November, one can’t help but wonder if this could be the first snowfall to last until opening day. I’ve been here long enough to feel that this isn’t it, as we’re bound to get at least one more day of hot temps on the upper mountain, erasing any snowfall that comes too early. At the same time, it’s great to see snow, however fleeting, and we’re slowly dusting off the toques, gloves, and jackets that have remained unused since closing day last season.

Do we want this snow to stay on the mountain? Probably not, since it would likely undergo a series of temperature changes over the next month-and-a-half, turning it into a poor base and creating a weak layer of snow that would have the potential to haunt us throughout the season. Due to the relationship between snow depth, ground temperature, and air temperature, the ideal scenario would be for it to snow lots before it gets too cold. This would likely provide us with a thick, firm base upon which to build the season. A bad scenario would be for there to be some snow, followed by a cold period with no snowfall. The cold temperatures would weaken that snow, and in our steeper terrain we’d need the entire snowpack to avalanche so the run would have a chance to rebuild from the ground up – literally.

Snowing on Easy St.

Snowing on Easy St.

Snow on Summit.

Snow on Summit.


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