Whitehorn II Now Wide Open !

Today’s another beautiful spring day at Lake Louise, and while cold temperatures overnight and this morning meant a slow start to softer snow, the avalanche control team was able to give a huge gift to those at the Lake today – the rest of Whitehorn II. ‘A’ gully opened early in the season along with the rest of the Saddleback/Rodney’s Ridge area, and ‘B’ and ‘C” Gullies came later. These three gullies remained the only open parts of Whitehorn II until this morning.

Better late than never, the amount of terrain offering winter-like snow conditions has multiplied, and skiers and riders are being treated to runs that have remained smooth and soft. Like a few other places on the mountain, the narrow parts of the runs (the chokes) have some rocks, but they are easily navigated, and do little to take away from otherwise beautiful runs.

The time of year that all of Whitehorn II opens varies greatly from year to year. It can open before Christmas, or wait as long as it did this year. A long series of things going right needs to happen in order for the gates to crack, and while it took most of the season this year, it still happened – enjoy !


P.S. This is spring, so Whitehorn II, like all avalanche terrain, can open or close at any time of the day. If you’re going to duck a rope to enter an avalanche control area, you must make sure the run is open every time you enter.


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