Great Skiing Saturday, and More Snow Overnight

With 7 cm or so of new snow overnight Friday, skiing at Lake Louise was surprisingly good on Saturday, with higher amounts of snow in leeward aspects making things nice and soft for the weekend crowds. The day was mostly overcast, but even so, visibility was unexpectedly good, and the occasional (and brief) windows of sunlight that showed up made for some fantastic runs if you were able to time it right.

Saturday night saw a few more centimetres of snow, so there’ll be a nice soft cover on top of what we got yesterday. Forecasts are calling for more snow tonight and then off and on through the week. As is usual for Lake Louise, you’ll find more snow on leeward slopes (backside), and in many places the temperature crust from January is quickly becoming a distant memory. Temperatures are currently around -11C at mountain-top, which is a nice change from earlier in the week, and are expected to remain unchanged for the next few days.

Enjoy the great skiing!


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