Goodbye Cold, Hello Warm

Thursday at Lake Louise was a day of change, as the frigid temperatures of earlier in the week dissappeared over the course of yesterday and last night, and we were all happy to arrive at the resort this morning to see that the mountain-top temperature was a balmy -9C, and that snowflakes were beginning to fall. Depending on which forecast you look at, it looks like we can realistically expect 10cm of snow in the next few days, and those with a little more optimism may see the potential for 20cm.

We’ll certainly take anything that comes our way, as recent winds and bits of snow have improved skiing like only they can at Lake Louise, and the crust that has prevailed since the warm weather in January just keeps getting more buried and harder to find. Whatever snow we get in the near future will help make it all but disappear.

Even though it’s snowing lightly now (0830), it wasn’t forecasted to start until later today, so unless the forecasters are way off, we’re not expecting any serious accumulation over the course of today. Click on the two Lake Louise weather links on the right to see what the experts are saying, and have a great weekend!


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