Paradise Pocket Revisited

In a recent post, I speculated about the naming of the Paradise Pocket above Pine Cone Way. I wasn`t even close, but a reader came to the rescue and supplied the following information::

The Paradise Pocket name goes back to the Sixties.
When Whitehorn Lodge was built, the road that we now call Pine Cone Way, was used in the winter as a way to join the Temple Ski Out, and was called Paradise.
There was no Whiskey Jack Lodge, so skiers used the Gondola to access Whitehorn and then use the Eagle Poma, so Paradise was the way out at the day’s end.
Where the Paradise run met the Temple road and ski out, there was a telephone on a tree that we used to call in that the Whitehorn area and Temple area were “clear” on Sweep.
We then took the ski out down, then up and over the big hill to the Gondola Base, and skied over to the Post Hotel.

Thank you Peter!


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