More Powder at the Lake for Thursday!

When I left Lake Louise last night it was snowing. When I arrived at Lake Louise this morning, it was snowing. It’s snowing now, and it appears we’ve received another 10cm at the base area, with more up top. Once again, there was little to no wind, which means terrain should open quickly (the gates to normally open terrain were all cracked before 10:00am yesterday).

If you were here yesterday, you already know what an epic day it was, with a nice deep layer of light dry powder evenly distributed everywhere. With light crowds, there were fresh lines to enjoy all day long, and by the looks of things, it’ll be that much deeper today.

The first photo below is the “unofficial” snow plot outside my office window at the base area. I cleared it off yesterday morning after I took a similar shot, so all of the accumulated snow is in the last 24 hrs.

Overnight snow (and still falling).

Overnight snow (and still falling).

45am - still snowing.

Thursday morning, 6:45am - still snowing.


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