Merry Christmas !

A short post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Skiing conditions at Lake Louise are great, so come and take advantage and celebrate the departure of one of the coldest snaps we’ve ever had.

On another note, I’ve removed the photo of Mt. Redoubt and Skoki Slides from the previous post due to a couple of labelling errors, and will post a new version once I’ve had a chance to get a better photo.


4 Comments on “Merry Christmas !”

  1. John@CdnRockies says:

    Not sure what Lake Louise you were skiing at … BUT I would describe conditions as poor (and certainly not great). I was there on Christmas Day. Rocks at the bottom of Paradise could not be avoided and runs through the glades were in crusted and hard-packed snow. Front side had large swaths of ice as folks stuck to the groomed runs.
    Your web site is generally a treat to read and I hope you won’t hurt your credibility by issuing such unrealistically glowing reports.

    • lakelouiselowdown says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t feel my post was inaccurate, but after reading your thoughts I realised I should have been more specific than a single-sentence review.

      Here’s what I was referring to:
      The cold snap meant that most of the upper mountain remained closed until recently, and the relative lack of traffic meant that the little bit of wind that we had during that time ‘buffed’ much of the leeward alpine terrain, which does not include groomed runs or glades. My post was based on my experience skiing in places like Brownshirt, Rodney’s Ridge, Whitehorn I, and Crow Bowl, as well as comments I received from other skiers, and don’t think ‘poor’ comes close to describing any of those places.

      The last thing I want to do with this site is to mislead people into thinking that conditions are something they’re not, so I appreciate your feedback since it’s made me realise that I need to be a little more careful (and less vague) about what I report. You were among the first to start visiting this site, so I also appreciate your other comments and that you keep coming back. And, as much as anyone likes to receive praise for what they’ve done, I find the criticism much more helpful in making this site better!


  2. John@CdnRockies says:

    I’m just a single black diamond skier and didn’t hit any of those fine spots. Guess it’s time I get some more lessons! 😉

    I’ve really enjoyed your site Chris – one of the best anywhere imo. You have done a great job and the background knowledge shows through clearly. A Whistler friend joined me on Christmas day (Mike Douglas of Whistler fame is his direct boss) and he was quite subdued on the terrain we saw as well. That said, I showed him your site and he was very impressed. Nicely done indeed!

    A great job which we all want to encourage and continue to haunt. All the best for 2009.


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