New Terrain Opening Soon

As conditions at Lake Louise continue to improve, skiers can look forward to more terrain opening in the coming days. Additional snow and consistent winds have performed their usual magic, and we’re close to opening E.R. 3 and E.R. 7 from Paradise chair, and Lipalian Chute and lower Rock Garden over on Larch (lower Rock Garden is all of the run accessible from the top of Larch chair – any part of the run above Larch top requires hiking and is referred to as upper Rock Garden).

It appears that the cold temperatures we’ve been *ahem* enjoying are set to stick around for at least a few more days, with some models saying another week. As mentioned in an earlier post, the longer the cold temps stick around, the more of a concern their affect on the snowpack becomes, especially in areas of shallower snow depth. The cold “rots” snow, with depth hoar and faceting of snow crystals becoming more prominent. This happens more in areas of little skier traffic, since high-traffic areas are more compacted and are less susceptible to these cold temps. In other words, terrain that has already been open will be of less concern that that which has yet to open. Additional snowpack observation will be required to ensure any weak layers that may have formed have been dealt with.

With Christmas just around the corner, preparations continue at a feverish pace. Snowmaking is going full tilt in the terrain park and on other lower mountain runs, and patrol is hard at work placing all the signs, bamboo, and fencing required on all runs. As it stands, we’re in great shape for the holidays, and we should have even more terrain ready by next week, both groomed and alpine runs.


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