Powder at the Lake!

The weatherman came through for us again last night and this morning, dumping a nice new layer of Rockies powder for all to enjoy. Our remote weather station this morning reported 19cm of new snow in the previous 24 hrs, with most leeward slopes in the alpine areas getting more than 20cm. The new snow was accompanied by wind, but luckily there was no slab or wind crust to spoil the fun. Skiing conditions were great all day long, and were made better by the opening of Whitehorn I for the first time. While still rocky around the top 1/3, there are great lines lower down, especially on the skier’s left side of the run, which spills over into Adrenaline for a nice long powder run. Skiing was also great in Brownshirt and Crow Bowl, and by the end of today there were still unskied lines to be found.

Some photos from today:

Boomerang in the afternoon light.

Boomerang in the afternoon light.

Top of Whitehorn I

Top of Whitehorn I

Whitehorn I's Ridge Run.

Whitehorn I

Now let’s hope the weatherman is right about the snow that’s supposed to come later this week…


One Comment on “Powder at the Lake!”

  1. John@CdnRockies says:

    This dates back to Tuesday December 2nd. Louise had received a snow dump the prior afternoon which continued into Monday night. The result was great conditions with the back side opened as far as Paradise lift.

    Descending from Top of the World was a case of virgin territory with rocks underneath as fellow skiers sunk through powder. (There is a price to pay for being the first!).

    Paradise bowl itself was completely flat without a mogul in sight! The rest of the hill had solid coverage with ski race trials suspended due to the snow accumulation. All in all, a wonderful day despite some fairly deep gouges on the skis … worth every penny to have them fixed!

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