Lake Louise Terrain Park – The Plan

With news that the change in ownership at Lake Louise would bring about an expansion of the terrain park and the addition of jumps that were absent last season, people are wondering what exactly the plan is. Hopefully this will add a little clarity.

Currently, a park is being built on Lower Wiwaxy. This park already has a few box and rail features, and will be added to daily, provided the temperatures remain cold enough to allow snowmaking. It will eventually take up all of Lower Wiwaxy, and will also include one or two small-to-medium jumps. The Heavy Metal Rail Jam, originally scheduled to take place last week, was postponed because warm temperatures prevented the snowmaking that was needed to install the features. The event is now going to take place on the weekend of Dec 13-14, and recent cold temps have allowed snowmaking to proceed at full tilt.

You can expect the park to be on Lower Wiwaxy for another four or five weeks, then once racing is done on the World Cup course and enough snowmaking occurs, it will be moved to its usual location under Glacier Express chair on Easy St. While the exact layout of the park is still a work in progress, we have some talented minds coming up with ideas that will re-introduce variety and flow to a park that will have five or six jumps and as many rail and box features that can be installed.

Like last season, users of the park are required to purchase a $5 park pass which is good for the whole season, wherever the park is located. The process is quick – go to Guest Services in Whiskyjack Lodge, sign a waiver, pay your $5, and you’ll receive your pass along with a $5 food voucher good in any of Lake Louise’s lodges. If you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent or guardian to sign your waiver (just like a season’s pass). When entering the park, you need to show both your park pass and your lift pass, which will be scanned on each entry. Like the lifts, you must show your passes each time you enter the park.

Happy riding!


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