Boomerang and Paradise Bowl Open

With little fanfare, Boomerang opened early this morning, and after a brief rush of seven or eight keen skiers, only 20 or so came through in the next half hour. Perhaps it was the white-out visibility that kept skiers away at first, but nevertheless, everyone was treated to excellent conditions on the run, and as the light improved during the day, more and more people showed up. “Fantastic” said one. “Creamy” said another. “I’ve been waiting since May for this!” said a third, and so on. Also opened for the first time on Summit was Outer Limits, which was a great test for those early season legs (mine failed).

On Boomerang, Yves Drouin was first through the gate once it dropped, followed closely by Tom Fry and Will Larooi. Both long-time and enthusiastic Lake Louise locals, Yves and Tom were able to squeeze a few laps in even before others got there for their first run.

Tom Fry (l) and Yves Drouin (r) signal their approval.

Tom Fry (l), Will Larooi (mid), and Yves Drouin (r) get first tracks.

Later in the day, the avalanche control team was able to complete the set-up of the avalanche closures in Paradise Bowl, and it too was opened, much to the delight of a hooting and hollering crowd. Conditions there were also excellent, and despite a few rocks being discovered, all seemed to have a great time. I took as many photos as the generally poor light would allow, and once I have a chance to apply a little digital trickery to make them look better I’ll post them.

Stay tuned for more terrain openings, as the avalanche control team moves further down the Corridor and looks to open Bankhead (2/3 Shoulder) and Crow Bowl in the coming days.


2 Comments on “Boomerang and Paradise Bowl Open”

  1. Will Larooi says:

    Hey Chris,
    Nice website.
    I’m the 3rd guy through the gate in this photo, there to hunt down some fresh lines when they opened the platter that day.
    Was just wondering if you have any pics of some of the turns taken on that run that day?

  2. lakelouiselowdown says:

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve changed the photo caption to include your name, but I’m afraid with the poor light I wasn’t able to get any shots of Boomerang. It cleared a little later in the afternoon, but by then I had moved on to other places. Too bad, because Boomerang that day was about as good as it gets!

    Next time!

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