100 Views Today !

Exactly three weeks after starting this blog, today marks the spot when the magical (in my mind at least) number of one hundred views in one day was reached (I remember how happy I was when I reached twenty!).

Thanks for visiting, please come back…I’ll update the site as often as I can.


2 Comments on “100 Views Today !”

  1. John@CdnRockies says:

    Congrats are due to you. I’ve put it on my daily favourites list and have passed the URL along to a few others. Your site is very nicely put together – clean with a nice balance of information.

    I hope you will continue the effort and perhaps extend it to some of the other hills in the Banff area.

    John Ackermans

  2. Dean Day says:

    This is the coolest and informative site I have seen for skiers period. I think you might have started something big here. It is at the top of my favorites list and I have been telling all the Lake skiers I know about it. Good job Chris and whomever esle is responsible for this site.


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