Ice and Snowboarders Plentiful

Back at the Lake for my second day of skiing this year, and things have changed quite a bit since opening day. Most notably, the warm temperatures that had softened the opening day snow nicely have cooled enough to refreeze it, and combined with the steady traffic over the long weekend has resulted in many icy spots, and has made evading other people at high speeds a bit of a nerve-rattling affair. There were also more people here today than Saturday, and by the end of the day ol’ Wiwaxy was looking more beaten than a rented mule.

As usual at this time of year, snowboarders outnumber skiers by at least 5 to 1, and probably more. As the destination crowd begins to arrive closer to Christmas, things will even out, and then skiers will become the majority, although not by much. For now, with so many boarders crammed onto one run, it helps to have eyes in the back and sides of one’s head since so many of them seem intent on jibbing, hitting, grinding, etc, anything they can get their boards on, and come flying from all directions. I’m a skier, in case you haven’t noticed, but have nothing against boarders, and observe their antics with a sense of detached amusement as I make my way quickly down the run, all the while hoping I survive to make another lap. Of course everyone hopes more terrain and runs will become available, not only for the obvious reasons of variety and greater challenge, but it also has the wonderful effect of spreading people out over the mountain, and we can resume being in complete control of our own mortality, however temporary that may be.

I’ll likely be back tomorrow (kids back in school=less crowded slope), but I may defer the decision until morning since we may get some snow over the next 24 hours or so, which may breathe some more life into Wiwaxy.

See you on the slope!


2 Comments on “Ice and Snowboarders Plentiful”

  1. John@CdnRockies says:

    I was on Louise as well this past Monday, Nov 10th. Snow was fine but the traffic had resulted in icy patches. I brought rock skies, but the regular ones would have been fine as not a pebble was to be seen on the run.

    Snow making was in full force on Louise – directed to the race venues which are slated for the end of November. In possibly a nod to the change in ownership, no snow guns were pointed at customers on Monday. My perception was that, under Murray Edwards, they would happily spray guests on either the lifts or in the runs. Every gun was pointed to other parts of the hill, making for an enjoyable and dry day. I hope that might be the future under Charlie.

    The liftees advised that traffic has been relatively light since
    Saturday opening and it was a solid season opener, even if the legs did give out after 2 hours. Definitely brought a smile to the face! I will have to wait until the weekend to get re-engaged with the hill. Sunshine meanwhile has revised their opening to this Friday but I can’t see it happening given their dependence on natural snow. We stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel on Monday night and there is barely a whiff of snow in the town. Looks like we have to be patient while the snow Gods get their act together.

  2. snowsurfer says:

    I was there on Sunday the 9th, was a really fun day for our first day out (3 snowboarders of varying ability). Like John said there were no rocks which surprised me, and while I am not a fan of fake snow this really does help this early in the season. Snow looks like it is / will be falling in the next few days so hopefully Lake and Sunshine will both improve substantially.

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